Congratulations on Your Journey To A NEW You!

First, I am so proud of you for taking your first step to a healthier YOU! Getting bariatric surgery is NOT the easy way out. Don’t be ashamed. Instead, be committed and get excited because this will be a fulfilling journey as you will begin to get healthier and feel better. Getting bariatric surgery will help you finally lose the weight you need to feel great, get off all those high blood pressure and diabetes medications, get off the sleep apnea machine, and have the energy to keep up with your family and friends! 

In order to complete your nutrition requirements, here is how what YOU need to do:

Month 1:

  1. Complete and return all the initial paperwork
  2. (Nutrition Questionnaire and Nutrition and Client agreement) via email- [email protected]
  3. Watch ALL twelve videos provided within 30 days
  4. Return completed nutrition paperwork
  5. (Quiz and Agreement of Understanding)

Month 2:

  1. Then, schedule your telehealth virtual visit with me. This is a REQUIREMENT TO GET YOUR NUTRITION AND BARITATRIC CLEARANCE. This is a $25 visit.
  2. You can email or call to schedule- [email protected] or 321-287-1842
  3. This call will be to discuss your doctor's specific protocol for pre-op diet, assess your nutrition understanding and answer your questions.