Welcome to my comprehensive Post-Operative Bariatric Nutrition Course called AFTER Bariatric Surgery, the FIRST SIX months.

This course is designed to empower and guide you through every phase of your post-surgery diet progression. As your trusted registered dietitian, I am thrilled to introduce this program, crafted with precision and care to ensure your confidence and success on the path to a healthier, happier you.

🍏 Phase-by-Phase Mastery: This course takes a meticulous approach, breaking down the post-bariatric diet into manageable phases. From the initial liquid diet to the gradual reintroduction of solid foods, each stage is thoughtfully curated to support optimal healing, nutrient absorption, and sustainable weight management.

🥦 Nutritional Education for Empowerment: Knowledge is key to success. Our course goes beyond meal plans, providing in-depth nutritional education. Understand the essential micronutrients, portion control, and food choices critical for your well-being post-surgery. Feel confident making informed decisions about which foods to eat in every phase of your diet progression.

🍽️ Personalized Guidance: Recognizing that each individual is unique, our course offers personalized consultations as well. Tailored advice ensures that your specific nutritional needs, preferences, and lifestyle are taken into account. Whether you're a vegetarian, have specific dietary restrictions, or face unique challenges, I've got you covered. After you take this course, if you want more one-on-one support, no problem. It is just an additional $25 for a nutrition consult. Please be sure to contact me to set up this virtual telehealth appointment.

🏋️ Incorporating Physical Activity: Nutrition is only one piece of the puzzle. Learn how to integrate appropriate physical activities into your routine, promoting overall well-being and sustainable weight management. I provide you with tips on how to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, along with how much exercise you can do in each phase of the diet progression.

📊 Tracking Progress for Success: Setting and achieving goals is crucial on this journey. My course equips you with tools to track your progress, celebrate milestones, and adjust your plan as needed. I will share with you which food journals I recommend to help you stay accountable and motivated.

🎓 Graduation and Beyond: Upon completion of the course, you will gain the skills and knowledge necessary for post-bariatric success. Transition confidently into your new lifestyle with ongoing resources, ensuring continued success in your health and wellness journey. Then, be sure to continue the learning process with my BEYOND Bariatric Surgery- after SIX months. It is another video series with another 10 videos to help you continue to reach your goals, stay focused, and make health your priority for a lifetime.

Let's build a foundation for lifelong health, confidence, and success. 🌟

About Joan Cornier RD, LDN, CDCES

Joan Cornier is a Registered & Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN, LDN) and a Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist (CDCES) with over 27 years of experience in nutrition and dietetics.

In the last 10 years, she is honored to have helped nearly 3,500 bariatric patients be successful in their weight loss journey. She offers education in English or Spanish. She is passionate about helping patients reach their long-term goals by making small, realistic goals. She believes SMALL changes can make a BIG difference!

Joan was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico and shortly thereafter, moved to the United States where she grew up in Florida. She is a graduate of Florida International University, Miami, Florida, with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition. She currently is an active member of American Society Metabolic Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

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